Our Team

The Disability Rights Fund’s organizational structure, which incorporates persons with disabilities in decision-making roles, is informed by our grantmaking philosophy and principles of the CRPD, which recognize participation as an imperative.

The Disability Rights Fund is governed by a board of directors who are experts in disability rights, global civil society, philanthropy, and non-profit governance. Meet our Board.

The Grantmaking Committee is a committee of the Board composed of donor representatives and four members of the Global Advisory Panel, tasked with finalizing grantmaking strategy and determining grant recommendations.

The Global Advisory Panel is a panel of twelve members, tasked with recommending grantmaking strategy and participating in monitoring and evaluation. Members of the Panel come from all over the world and reflect a broad cross-section of the disability and broader human rights community. The majority is nominated by international and regional Disabled Persons Organizations, through the International Disability Alliance. Three advisors are ‘bridge-builders’ from other human rights communities, who bring expertise from other human rights movements and learn from the disability rights movement in order to increase inclusive approaches. Advisors serve a four-year term. Meet our Advisors.

The Disability Rights Fund’s committed staff work out of our headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts and around the world, based in or near the countries where we operate. Our work is led by those who are experts in disability rights – people with disabilities themselves – and understand the unique country contexts and global challenges for persons with disabilities.  Meet our Staff.