Marshall Islands Disabled Persons Organization

To formalize the first national disabled persons’ organization for the Republic of Marshall Islands, involving persons with disabilities representatives from across the country, including the majority of its 24 outer atolls. To help build the organization, the Grantee will partner with more experienced disabled persons organizations and disability networks in the region, including Pohnpei Consumer Organization (PCO) from Micronesia and the Pacific Disability Forum (PDF). PDF and PCO will provide CRPD advocacy training to Grantee staff, who will, in turn, work with local atoll governments and communities in the outer islands to recruit persons with disabilities and other community leaders to attend and participate in a one-week national CRPD training workshop aimed at solidifying a network of up to 250 persons with disabilities across the country. The workshop will help develop an organizational mission, structure and strategic plan, as well as train participants on the CRPD for future work on ratification. Following this training, Grantee will carry out CRPD awareness raising for the Ministry of Health, Education and Internal Affairs representatives, the Marshall Islands Disability Task Force, and national women’s organizations.

  • Grantor Amount
    $10,000 USD
  • Grant Year
  • Grantor Round
    Round 2
  • Grantee Dates
    01/01/2014 - 12/31/2014
  • Regions:
    Pacific Island Countries
  • Countries:
    Marshall Islands
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  • Grantors:
  • Grant Types:
    Small Grants