DeafBlindness: The Left Behinds in a Leave No One Behind Era

If you were to see me, you would not notice right away that I am Deaf and Blind. If you saw me signing, you would correctly assume that I am Deaf; if you saw me using my white cane, you would correctly assume that I am Blind. But when people see me using both, they are stumped because so little is known about DeafBlindness and so few of the world’s one billion people with disabilities are DeafBlind. But we do exist.

Building Movements – Convening Grantees around the World

We believe that a strong and inclusive movement is the cornerstone for rights to be fulfilled by all persons with disabilities. In July and August 2016, the DRF program team brought together passionate disability rights advocates in Indonesia, Rwanda, and Ghana to learn, reflect, and strategize. These Grantee Convenings gather DRF grantees to discuss opportunities in the era of the new global goals – the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs.