Making a Difference – Achievements in 2015

Ambrose Murangira was a shoe cobbler in his village in rural Uganda twenty years ago. Back in those days, he had no thoughts of the United Nations or even any prospects of finishing his education. In a recent interview with me, he recounted his childhood, “When I became Deaf at age 10 from mumps, my mama encouraged me to finish primary school. But the thought of going to high school was hard for me. I told my mama, ‘I’m Deaf. How will I understand the teachers?’ But since she was not giving up, I decided to go for vocational training in leather works to live an independent life in the future.”

One in Every Fifth Sister - At the Door

Diana Samarasan and Stephanie Ortoleva, Founding President and Legal Director of Women Enabled International (WEI), write about the gap in addressing women with disabilities in the women’s rights movement. This piece builds on a blog written by Laila Malik, of the Alliance for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID): Let’s not just open the door, let’s open the dialogue.