Reports and Forms

Once you have received a grant, you will be required to submit narrative and financial reports, which are outlined in your grant agreement. Reports are due on or before the reporting dates listed in the agreement. Please submit all reports through your Program Officer.

For your convenience, the reporting templates are provided below. Please consult your grant agreement to ensure you submit the correct report.

  1. Small Grant Progress Report
  2. Small Grant Final Report
  3. Mid-Level Coalition Grant Progress Report
  4. Mid-Level Coalition Grant Final Report
  5. National Coalition Grant Progress Report
  6. National Coalition Grant Final Report

If you need to make a change to the objectives, activities or budget of your project, please first consult with your Program Officer and then, utilize the below project change request form to get official agreement from DRF (or DRAF).

Project Change Form

Other forms that may be needed:

  1. Political Activity and Lobbying Memo
  2. Memorandum of Understanding Template
  3. Fiscal Sponsor Agreement Template
  4. Bank Wire Form Template
  5. Child Protection Policy Verification Form