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We are excited to launch our new website in celebration of the CRPD's 10th year and on the anniversary of the day the CRPD entered into force in 2008! The DRF  t eam has been hard at work over the past year  to create a space where we can easily share all of the information and resources that are important to our grantees, donors, colleagues and friends. Thank you to all of those who have supported us in this endeavor, and especially  to  the Anne & Paul Marcus Family Foundation  for their generous contribution toward making this website a reality!

We invite you to visit our new site and explore the pages highlighted below.  
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May 3: A Reflection on the Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

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In honor of May 3 - the 8th anniversary of the entry into force of the CRPD -  DRF Board Co-Chair Catherine Townsend  has written  a terrific blog post  about the importance of a movement-building and long-term approach to human rights funding .   

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Check out the Our Model page which provides a great introduction  for  those unfamiliar  with  participatory grantmaking and disability rights. It also offers a powerful explanation of why including persons with disabilities at every decision-making level in our organization has  enabled  us to  identify key partners and   support  meaningful and lasting impact. 

OUR WORK Infographic_ Displayed text reads _1 in 7 people have a disability equals one million lives. More text appears which reads 80 percent live in developing countries and make up 20 percent of those surviving on less than one dollar a day.
Unfamiliar with DRF's work? Check out the  Our Work page: it provides an overview of the role we play in supporting the growth of local and national disability rights movements. You can also find separate pages on our key strategies:  building movements, achieving rights  and driving the disability agenda.
This page also provides links to information on what countries we work in as well as stories from some of the grantees we work with.

Infographic_ multiple colored boxes are stacked vertically_ each displaying different figures on Disability Rights Fund_s impact. They read_ 17 million dollars in grants_ more than 30 countries_ more that 260 disabled persons organizations_ more than 800 rights campaigns
Since our inception in 2008, we've provided more than $17 million to over 260 organizations in more than 30 countries. 

Read some examples of what our grantees are doing to achieve rights on  Our Impact page .  

photo Haitian disability rights activists march together during a protest
Our new website gives easier access to resources, guidelines and policies for our current grantees and for grantseekers. Whether you need resources to improve your advocacy or DRF's grantmaking forms, the   For Grantees page and For Grantseekers page provide information at your fingertips.
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It's never been easier to access our financials, annual reports and other information  important to  prospective donors. Hover over the  For Donors menu b utton at the top of the home page to gain access to our reports and publications.

photo DRF Executive Director Diana Samarasan poses with other disability rights experts at the United Nations headquarters in New York
DRF is extremely grateful for the support that funders and partners have provided to us over the years.  Make sure to visit the Our Partners page to learn more about the fantastic organizations that help make our work possible.

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