Report Fraud or Abuse

Concerns may be submitted on a confidential basis and will be investigated to the extent possible. DRF will strive to ensure your identity is not revealed, as much as is legally permissible. In certain instances, cases may be reported to the authorities.

DRF will take all reasonable measures to ensure that no person who makes a report in good faith will be subject to retaliation.

 What to Report

You can use this mechanism to report any concerns regarding financial fraud/mismanagement or abuses of another person you may have, whether they be current, past, or anticipated. Our policies are located here and provide guidance on particular types of concern, but are not exhaustive. Pertinent policies to review include: Anti-Fraud Policy; Child Protection Policy; Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Harassment Policy; Code of Ethics; and Reporting Suspected Abuse of Individuals Policy.

What not to Report

DRF discourages using this procedure to pursue individual personal grievances which should ordinarily be resolved through internal procedures of the employing partner organization. Such matters should only be raised through this mechanism where there is a manifest management or governance failure to address them.

How to Report

Please send an email to to make a report. DRF will uphold confidentiality and anonymity to the fullest extent possible. Please note that, while DRF will each address report, we may not be able to respond to every concern, for the safety of those involved.