Financial & Governance Review of OPDs in Nigeria

Terms of Reference Financial & Governance Review of Organizations of Persons with Disabilities in Nigeria

Budget US$12,000 – 15,000 exclusive of expenses

About the Disability Rights Fund and the Disability Rights Advocacy Fund

The Disability Rights Fund (DRF) supports the disability rights movement around the world by resourcing organizations of persons with disabilities (OPDs) to advocate for equal rights and full participation in society. The Disability Rights Advocacy Fund (DRAF) is DRF’s sister organization, supporting advocacy for legislative change. DRF/DRAF currently work across Africa, Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the Caribbean. The Funds are grounded in a participatory and gender transformative approach and follow grantmaking, technical assistance, and advocacy strategies to support OPDs to advance the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), including in implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Global Disability Summit commitments, and other key international frameworks.

Project Goals and Scope of Services

DRF & DRAF are looking to have a financial, legal, and compliance review conducted of six (6) high-risk organizations of persons with disabilities (OPDs) in Nigeria. The listing of OPDs will be provided after consultant is selected.

The goals of the project include:

  1. Review and assessment of how DRF/DRAF funds are being used and whether these uses are a) in line with approved project objectives, activities, and budget, b) are valid payments to staff/individuals/companies for work performed, c) properly distributed amongst coalition partners, if applicable.
  2. Review of the process for OPDs to prepare DRF/DRAF narrative and financial reports and whether the reports are indicative of activities performed.
  3. Review of OPD incorporation and governance documents and legal registrations to determine compliance and status.
  4. Analysis of who is staffing the organizations and whether there is crossover with staffing and/or boards of other grantees; if there is crossover, whether conflicts have been declared and remedied as needed.
  5. Assessment of the state of internal controls at OPD and whether there are material deficiencies; proposed mitigation measures for deficiencies.

To accomplish these goals, the scope of services includes:

  1. Review of all funding received from DRF and/or DRAF from 2020 – 2022 focusing on:
    1. Accurate accounting of funds, including adherence to approved project budgets.
    1. Review of backup documentation for all staff-related expenditures and a sample of other expenditures, based on dollar value or project activity (list of transactions to be reviewed in consultation with DRF/DRAF to select sample).
    1. Review activities and budgets across donors to determine the occurrence or potential risk of duplicate funding/double dipping.
    1. Cross-checking of budgets across other donors to ensure activities are being funded appropriately, if applicable.
    1. Meet with grantee personnel, and others, as needed.
    1. Interview coalition project partners, if applicable, to gather information on flow of funds to each partner and to assess concerns/risks.
    1. Review reports provided by grantee to DRF/DRAF to ascertain accuracy.
  2. Review incorporation and legal registration documents of OPDs to determine compliance with government standards; ensure governance mechanisms are adhered to.
  3. Review staffing and board of directors lists to determine:
    1. How hiring decisions are made and what documentation exists.
    1. Crossover with other OPDs.
    1. Whether conflict of interests exist and if so whether these conflicts were declared.
    1. If conflicts were remedied.
  4. Review OPD internal controls, assign risk ratings, and make recommendations for improvements, focusing on:
    1. Proper backup documentation for expenses.
    1. Sufficient number of signatories on bank accounts.
    1. Expense approval process.
    1. Governance mechanisms.

Written reports for each grantee covering the goals and scopes noted above and including details on methodology and procedures followed, list of findings and recommendations, and any additional relevant documentation.  


Location information of grantees to be provided separately. It is anticipated that these reviews will be conducted in person at the grantee offices. COVID-19 precautions should be taken during visits. If needed, virtual reviews can be conducted. A DRF staff member will accompany consultants during on-site reviews.


Consultancy is expected to take 3 months.

How to Apply

Please email your proposal to with subject “Financial & Governance Review – Nigeria”.

Application Deadline

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Please submit your application by March 3, 2023.