Creating Accessible Social Media for those with DeafBlindness

To help support access to information for persons with DeafBlindness. DRF/DRAF’s Inclusion & Analytics Officer has created the below guidelines.

  • Provide transcripts.   Type up a transcript and put it in the comment section (even if the video has captions).  Some are unable to read the caption’s text size or read fast enough.
  • Keep social media posts short.  No more than 3-4 sentences. 
  • Do not put hashtags within the post.  Put them in the comment section.
  • Be descriptive.  Include an image description for images or video description for videos.  If lengthy, put the description in the comment section but note within post that desriptions are provided in the comment section.
  • Start the social media post with what you are sharing.

Examples of accessible social media posts:

  1. For information about anxiety during COVID-19, click the link below for a guide by the Anxiety & Depression Association.
  2. How to protect yourself from COVID-19?  Watch the CDC video in sign language at the link below.  Note – transcripts and video description are included in the comment section.

If you have additional suggestions for accessibility, please email us at