Small Grants

The Small Grants funding stream supports growth of a broader and more diverse disability movement to advance the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at local levels. OPDs can use funds from DRF/DRAF to strengthen the capacity of persons with disabilities to participate more actively in decision-making processes regarding CRPD implementation and monitoring or to advocate for the advancement of rights defined in specific articles of the CRPD.

In addition, this funding stream supports OPDs to participate in and influence decision-making processes and budgets related to implementation of the SDGs to ensure development efforts, particularly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, include all persons with disabilities. While DRF/DRAF welcomes applications from any OPDs, grassroots (rural), emergent (newly established) and more marginalized groups are especially encouraged to apply for grants in this category. 

Small grants range from USD 5,000–USD 20,000 for NEW applicants. For REPEAT grantees only, the Small Grants funding stream ceiling has been increased to USD $30,000.

Small Grants Priority Areas

To be considered for funding, applications must address one of the priority areas detailed below:


1. Promoting gender equality and SOGIESC diversity

2. Advancing achievement of Global Disability Summit 2018 (GDS18) commitments and advocating for Global Disability Summit 2022 (GDS22) commitments

3. Ratification of the CRPD and/or the Optional Protocol (where not ratified), or of other international or regional human rights treaties relevant to the rights of persons with disabilities


Small Grants should be aimed at one of the following priority areas (or an area relevant to all funding streams):

1. Increasing OPD capacity to participate in advocacy and decision-making processes (including those related to COVID-19) regarding implementation of rights at local levels

2. Promoting inclusion of persons with disabilities in government programs, – such as education, health, or justice – and in budget planning and implementation (including programs and budgets related to COVID-19) at local levels

3. Increasing OPD capacity to participate in advocacy and decision-making processes regarding implementation of the SDGs, including during COVID-19

4. Advocacy for inclusion of persons with disabilities in the planning, implementation and monitoring of local government development plans and programs (as part of SDG implementation), including those related to COVID-19 response and recovery

Please note that all proposals must explicitly promote the CRPD and specify the Article(s) being addressed. If a project is addressing implementation of the SDGs or GDS18 Commitments, the specific Goals or Commitments should be referenced. Cross-disability and other partnerships are encouraged, particularly those that strengthen marginalized sectors of the disability community. Additionally, all proposals should take COVID-19 implications into consideration, especially the disproportionate impacts of the pandemic and related socio-economic effects on marginalized groups.

Applicant Documents