Ghana Society of the Physically Disabled

To educate DPOs, and NGOs with focus on disability about rights of persons with disabilities, to educate members of CSOs, rights-based institutions, NGOs, and media on rights of people with disabilities; to raise awareness of general public; and to carry out sustained advocacy aimed at influencing government to ratify the convention. Project Activities include:
– One day sensitization workshop for DPOs and NGOs with a disability focus to sensitize them about the CRPD. Workshops will take place in Accra, Kumasi and Temale;
– One day sensitization workshop for journalists and media practitioners, and human rights organizations;
– One day symposium for general public in Accra, Kumasi and Temale;
– Media campaign and advocacy;
– Building alliances with other stakeholders, petitions and advocacy. Letters will be sent to targeted officials. Meetings will be arranged with members of Parliament, the Cabinet members and Government. Petitions will be signed and sent through appropriate channels. If needed, other stakeholder organizations will be mobilized to intercede on behalf of DPOs. These would include the Council of State, National House of Chiefs, Christian Council of Ghana, Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice, Islamic Council, Human Rights based NGOs, etc.
– Monitoring and internal reporting.

  • Grantor Amount
    $30,000 USD
  • Grant Year
  • Grantor Round
    Round 2
  • Grantee Dates
    01/01/2009 - 12/31/2009
  • Regions:
  • Countries:
  • Organization Types:
    Physical Disabilities
  • Rights Focus:
    CRPD Overall
  • Grantors:
  • Grant Types:
    National Coalition