Independent External Evaluator: Terms of Reference


The Disability Rights Fund and the Disability Rights Advocacy Fund (DRF/DRAF) seek an evaluator (team) to conduct an independent, participatory evaluation on the organization’s activities from April 2019 – December 2022. The review is being conducted with the support of the United States Department of State Bureau of Democracy, Rights & Labor (DRL), United Kingdom Foreign & Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO), and the Australian Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), three donors to the Fund, but applies to all DRF/DRAF stakeholders, particularly the organizations of persons with disabilities (OPDs) who receive grants from DRF/DRAF, and our other donors

The timeframe for the evaluation, including completion of the report, is January 2023 to May 2023.  The total budget should be in the range of $125,000 – 175,000 USD (inclusive of fees, travel, office, printing, meeting, and any and all other costs). Note that payment will be outcome rather than output related (based on quality of report). 

Read the full Terms of Reference: Word | PDF

Timeline and Management

The first phase of the work is scheduled to start in late January 2023. The final product, the evaluation report, is due in April 2023. 

The Director of Learning and Evaluation will supervise the work and be responsible for the day-to-day management and communication, as well as providing all necessary documentation and orientation. The DRF/DRAF Gender Transformation Learning Group and DRF/DRAF Grantee MEL Reference Group will provide evaluation design input and guidance. 

To enhance the robustness and validation of the approach and to address any potential conflict of interest between the design of data collection tools and the conduct of the evaluation itself, DRF/DRAF invite proposals to consider objective methods of scrutiny such as peer review at an appropriate proportionate level, do no harm evaluation practices and rights-based data collection principles. 

Scope of the Evaluation

This evaluation will cover all grants, technical assistance and global advocacy given between April 1, 2019 – December 31, 2022, as shaped by three active DRF/DRAF strategies in following target countries that will represent a sample of DRF/DRAF global grantmaking:

  1. Indonesia,  
  2. Nigeria, and 
  3. Fiji.

The evaluation consists of the following tasks:

  1. Participatory and disability-inclusive evaluation design process that enables DRF/DRAF grantees and a representative set of stakeholders to shape the evaluation purpose and objectives. 
  2. Work with DRF/DRAF Learning & Evaluation staff to select relevant methods.  
  3. Conduct an evaluation, which will assess the objectives defined by the evaluation design process. 
  4. Develop a written report for DRF/DRAF management and external stakeholders and an accessible summary of relevant findings for DRF/DRAF grantees. The summary may take the form of an easy-to-read document, video, or alternative data presentation tool.

The evaluation will not cover activities considered outside the boundaries of the evaluation including impact level changes and the global advocacy efforts supported by staff.

Purpose of the Evaluation

The purpose of this evaluation is to provide a baseline for a new DRL-funded initiative in West Africa as well as a formative for ongoing work in the rest of the global DRF grant portfolio through an in-depth examination of the following elements of the DRF/DRAF pathway to change: 

  1. A strategy area: Technical Assistance, which previous evaluations have noted as contributing to social movement and OPD capacity; and
  2. A focus area: Diversification of the disability movements, focusing particularly on our Gender Guidelines and its Gender Guidelines Implementation

The evaluation may also inform the next DRF/DRAF strategic plan. Interested parties should send their qualifications, with a brief proposal, timeline and budget, references (who are familiar with candidate’s evaluation work), and a copy of a recent evaluation authored by the candidate to Melanie Kawano-Chiu, Learning & Evaluation Director, at no later than 9 am Eastern Standard Time on Monday, January 9, 2023. Please contact Melanie Kawano-Chiu at mkawanochiu[@] if you have any questions or require any background documents.