Waiting for Our Rights

Disability Rights Fund’s Jo-Ann Garnier Lafontant reflects on the challenges facing Haitians with disabilities as they wait for their rights.

The Déjà vu Hurricane

As a DeafBlind survivor of hurricanes, I know first hand the challenges of living through and recovering from a natural disaster. I grew up in Louisiana, where you are taught at a young age how to prepare for hurricanes – you place tape in an “X” shape over windows, put up plywood, and stack up the sandbags. You make sure you have non-perishables, water, batteries, and flashlights. But I was never taught how to prepare for a hurricane if you have a disability.

Why we need specific funding for the rights of women with disabilities

“We have to really challenge ourselves as donors and as actors in the field to set targets and prioritize work advancing the rights of women with disabilities.” – Catherine Hyde Townsend

Respect for Indigenous Persons with Disabilities

The International Funders for Indigenous Peoples (IFIP) encourages the practice of giving based on The Four R’s of Indigenous Philanthropy – Respect, Reciprocity, Responsibility, and Relationships. In this blog, I’d like to share how our grantmaking addresses the “Four R’s” in our relationship with Indigenous Persons with Disabilities.

Social Justice Funders Spotlight: Disability Rights Fund

This interview with Founding Executive Director, Diana Samarasan, by the Sillerman Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy, presents a grantmaker’s story of innovative, effective social justice philanthropy in action.

Grantee Spotlight: Ohana, Indonesia

This interview with Indonesian activist and founder of OHANA, by the Sillerman Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy presents a story of innovative, effective social justice philanthropy in action.

Collective Power of Inclusion

In September of last year, thousands of women gathered in Bahia, Brazil for AWID’s women’s rights forum to celebrate the collective power of women and the importance of intersectionality. Due to a concerted effort by passionate activists, donors, and AWID, for the first time women with disabilities were visible participants in this important global conference, demonstrating their power and rightful place within the women’s rights movement.

Raising our Collective Voices

"Indigenous women with disabilities believe that the violence and discrimination that we have been facing in our daily lives should not make us vulnerable and passive. But that we should raise our collective voices to be heard and demand our rights." - Pratima Gurung

Why Every Funder Should Consider Participatory Grantmaking

Ever heard of participatory grantmaking? It is a philanthropic approach that engages constituencies in the grantmaking process.

My Voice Through the Rubble

Disability Rights Fund’s Jo-Ann Garnier remembers the Haitian 2010 earthquake on its seventh anniversary.