What DRF & DRAF Do Not Fund

DRF/DRAF pooled funding does not support the following activities:

  • Organizations that work for people with disabilities, but do not have people with disabilities well-represented at governance, management, and staff levels
  • Assistive devices or rehabilitation services
  • Income-generation or service-provision
  • Acquisition of land or buildings
  • Reconstruction or renovation of physical spaces (offices, etc.)
  • Individuals and scholarships
  • Public schools and universities
  • Governmental entities
  • Religious activities: While we may fund a faith-based organization (as long as it meets other criteria), we do not fund any faith-based organizations that proselytize[1] or have proselytization as part of their mission.
  • Sporting activities
  • Training to learn sign language, Braille, or tactile communication
  • Participation or intervention in an election campaign that expresses a view in support or opposition to a candidate for public office or for voter registration drives

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

[1] For our purposes, the term “proselytize” means to convert or attempt to convert (someone) from one religion, belief, or opinion to another or to persuade them to become religious.