#WhatWeNeed Side Event

3 Women with disabilities pictured clapping hands together

12th Session of the Conference of State Parties to the CRPD
Side Event


Inclusion of persons with psychosocial disabilities,
within Development and the social paradigm


Date and Time: 10th June 2019, 3.00 PM – 4.15 PM

Location: Conference Room C, United Nations, NYC

TCI AP, supported by the Disability Rights Fund, International Disability Alliance, DFAT, CBM Australia and the Open Society Foundation,  is hosting a Side Event at COSP 12,  #WhatWENeed

“#What we need” was an international campaign,  for amplifying the voices of persons with psychosocial disabilities.  It was a very successful Campaign run around the International Mental Health Week, 2018. Transforming Communities for Inclusion Asia Pacific (TCI AP) will share with the participants, their learnings from #WhatWENeed.

The side event invites partners, peers and participants to articulate  #WhatWENeed  to do, as stake holders within Disability Inclusive Development, towards the full inclusion of persons with psychosocial disabilities.  The different national commitments under SDGs, and those at the Global Disability Summit, will be the framework for the side event, other than the CRPD. The role of regional bodies, capacity building and policy influence within the Asia Pacific region will be highlighted.  The side event will also bring appreciation on UN SWAP (System Wide Action Plan) processes, and express anticipation on CRPD compliances across different agencies.

Some thematic questions for the side event include –

1)  We need a new vision for the full inclusion of persons with psychosocial disabilities towards full inclusion, within scope of SDG, GDS commitments and the CRPD.

2) We need efforts in the Asia Pacific region, within UN and other development aid agencies, the Commonwealth, in their policies and strategies, to support programs that are CRPD compliant, promoting outcomes of inclusion.

3) We need the inclusion of persons with psychosocial disabilities within the UN SWAP actions.

Contact, for more information or accessibility requests:

  • Disability Rights Fund, dsamarasan@disabilityrightsfund.org
  • Transforming Communities for Inclusion Asia Pacific, tciasia.secretariat@gmail.com

Captioning (CART) services and International Sign Language will be provided.

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